Do Good Foundation

We have been supporting Fundacja Czyń Dobro (Do Good Foundation) since 01.06.2018. The foundation runs the nursing home “Dom Spokojnej Starości” in Łowicz. The facility offers a place to older people who need round the clock care and have complex mobility needs. Just as a retirement home, we strive for the facility to provide a warm and caring environment.

Our longterm

Aid to Ukrainian refugees

With the beginning of the war in Ukraine we began our aid to all the people requiring it. In the first days we accepted 250 people into our building, and with the help of other companies and organisations we have secured the necessary help. In our building there are currently 70 children and their mothers.

Children’s home Krasnystaw

Since 2018 Partners, which is part of the Partnerspol Group is the patron of the Children’s home in Krasnystaw. Through the years we have assisted the facility with equipment such as furniture, interiors, and electronics.

Children’s home Rawa Mazowiecka

Since May 2022 we have been the patron of the children’s home in Rawa Mazowiecka. Children’s homes have a significant amount of organisational and financial strains, which is the reason support from businesses is crucial.

Do Good Foundation

We have been supporting Fundacja Czyń Dobro (Do Good Foundation) since 01.06.2018.

We support the local community

In our CSR activities we also support community projects, such as council run picnics, and local initiatives.

Saving Bees

Saving Bees is a project created by Matteo de Simone. The natural world and the environment is our greatest treasure, and we feel obliged to participate in protecting it. Almost 10% of the bee population in Europe is in danger of extinction.

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